InSec mobile app

InSec mobile app

We believe our society will be more safe and secure if we simply care for each other and try to help one another. With free public access to InSec (Intelligent Security) and the help of smart phones, our vision is to make this reality much easier. 

The application is gps orientated and through manual or voice activation, an anonymous alarmsignal is sent to all nearby InSec users asking for emergency assistance. Private activation mode will only send the alarmsignal to personal numbers put in.

InSec is to be used in stressful and emergency situations only - relying on civil courage until police, ambulance, fire department may arrive to the scene. We believe these minutes in between may be of great significance.

InSec will first be released will be for the Swedish market. Create an account today and help fulfill our vision. InSec is totally free of charge, except for your commitment.


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22 January 2015


development phase